What are you listening to this Tunesday?
  1. hendrixinabox said: Green day
  2. nerdsgeeksandfreaks answered: KOA
  3. recblog19 answered: Tunesday, I was listening to the chug of a train that runs from the Western Suburbs to Chicago.
  4. unwelcome-rose said: hollywood undead :) love you guys!
  5. ryanrules answered: Avril Lavigne
  6. vinelady answered: sky pilot by Eric Burdon and the Animals
  7. captainktkirk answered: Honestly…. I just turned on the Little Thinks Parody. xD
  8. bronzeowl answered: The All American Rejects
  9. theonewiththebiggestheart answered: somebody that i used to know by KOA
  10. dinosaurhouseparty said: one erection of course (whip you)
  11. punkintheimpala answered: R5 Loud, and whatever’s on the radio
  12. iwastoldtheredbesexysingles answered: Daft Punk!
  13. disguisetheyllhimhit answered: George Watsky ‘cardboard castles’
  14. tardis-in-a-cup answered: 1,2,3,4 - The Plain White T’s
  15. momojaya said: When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars
  16. momojaya answered: thriftshop
  17. cat-le-swifty-x answered: Teen Idle - Marina & the Diamonds
  18. sophiedarlin answered: Walk off the earth! :) Thanks for doing the parody, I discovered them that way! :D
  19. vanessaisnotonfire answered: Troublemaker by Olly Murs (feat. Flo Rida)
  20. sassytherivergoddess answered: Alice In Chains, The Black Keys, Imagine Dragons AND THE IRRITAING SOUNDS OF MY NIEGHBORS HAMMERING SOMETHING NEXTDOOR!
  21. sirtypingerror answered: My Chemical Romance, did you hear they quit? Time for a parody, hint hint?
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